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6-sided Spinner

A Greetings Card by Wraptious | Trade

6-sided Spinner
Greeting Cards

Our spinner is flexible per side. As we offer both square and 12x17 card sizes, you can pick which card size you'd like on each of the six sides. 7 pockets per side for square cards; 6 pockets for our 12x17 cards.

Choose to have the stand delivered fully-welded or flat-packed. Wraptious header board included.

Available free by:
1) Purchase 216 cards / 36 packs (ie enough for 6 per pocket), and we'll happily supply the spinner free of charge!
2) A regular Wraptious customer? Give us a call and we'll pop a spinner over to you.


  • No minimum order. Shipping £8. Carriage free on UK orders over £150. (See full terms)
  • Square cards are 15x15cm, Rectangle 12x17cm.
  • Blank inside. Printed in the UK on FSC board. Barcoded.

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